Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old Art

A bunch of old stuff from RISD days...

"K is for Kornflakes" . This was bore a heavy Mark Ryden influence i think. Oil on cardboard.

"Art School Zombie" Learning about colour was one of the bigger challenges at RISD, a whole new world of theory and application. Tony Janello taught a class where he made everyone use crayon dache; applying bold colours and then trying to work your way to some sort of useable palette. (I think that was the point anyway :p).

One of the main reasons for going to art school was tolearn painting; reading books about it before that never made any sense - it all sounded like alchemy, strange substances from linseed oil to darmar varnish, stretchers, gauche and acrylics.

This was probably the first painting that came together a little like how i'd hoped.

The Phil Hale influence is obvious; probably just after a class in SciFi painting taught by Nick Jainschigg, where Jon Foster (who was only just starting out at the time) came in as a guest lecturer for one lesson and showed us his Crowbot painting as well as slides of Hale's Johnny Badhair that blew my mind :p

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