Friday, June 25, 2010

issue one

Finally got hold of a copies of issue one this week; always a little nerve-wrecking waiting to see how the actual comic turns out. As it was the colours by Sotocolors were quite nice indeed :) some issues with word balloon colours and placement but hopefully something we can fix for future issues. Another tricky question is whether readers will get the switches to a chibi/cartoony style in some sections. Was hoping the formal switch would be reinforced with a different colouring style (screen tone effect to emulate old newspaper strips or pre-digital comics?) but i guess team productions do involve everyone making their own aesthetic choices :p


  1. This art is looking great, I love the color schemes on all four pages here.

  2. thanks sean! all credit to Sotocolors. i think they were a little more saturated in print, but thats always a tricky thing to figure out :p