Sunday, August 9, 2009

Doctor Who Fan Art WIP

For no good reason at all, spent most of sunday doing a piece of doctor who fan art, maybe cos the excellent David Tennant will be leaving the series soon; also a phil hale homage of course :p I was surprised to learn he did a Tony Blair portrait, but then discovered a video on you tube of him playing drums! Kinda like Sparklehorse :p Still a WIP, with bits and pieces that need fixing....


  1. Love the artwork and love doctor who as well, especially David Tennant <3
    Will this artwork be available to any doctor who fans? thanks!

  2. heya ainah

    could certainly arrange for prints to be made, but i'd have to check up on the legality of it first, not sure if selling fan art infringes any copyright :p

  3. love this Dr. Who piece. What do you think of the new Dr. btw?
    I am quite sure selling fan-art infringes on copyright - I hope I am wrong ;p
    (If I am wrong, pls let me know)
    Just a Qn: if I may save image for personal enjoyment?

  4. hiya lux... heh its just fan art not for sale no worries :p new doctor who as in new series or the new doctor replacing david tennant? heh of course can save, if you want a hi res version can send it too let me know :)

  5. Luxana KanjanasupakOctober 10, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    yes I would love a high res version that I can modify as my windows screen saver...

    is it done in photoshop?

  6. Very nice.

    If I might be so bold as to suggest if you a fan of Dr. Who and fan art and you haven't checked out the various Doctor Who stories at Rich's comics blog you are missing out.