Wednesday, July 1, 2009


WIP of a painting for a show together with my friend Koh Hong Teng in September at Mulan Gallery... oil on 2 canvases size is about 72x116 inches i think ... you kinda have to be from singapore to know what its about (and maybe not even then :p)


  1. Hello!

    I find this painting quite well done !
    Really love that!
    Will you paint other pieces for the show?

    Good luck with this exhibit!

  2. Very nice! looking forward to the show!

    Why 2 canvases? Couldn't find a canvas big enough?

  3. heya yup there'll be more pieces as part of this series - which will form a triptych but also hopefully be indepent of each other :p

  4. heh yeah partly cos they didn't have anything bigger in the store, but also maybe it creates some kind of interesting effect on separate canvases :p

  5. Looking forward to the final piece. Why did you opt to omit the last word in the famous line :p That line has come up in so many sources w/o any formal slap on the hand, I think you'd be alright!

  6. heh its cos its so common that i thought something different was required - the black out maybe suggests themes of censorship etc :p

  7. Hi!

    I thought you omitted the word because there had been some doubt originally about whether he had said "hum" (cockles) or "hiam" (chilli) - neither of which make sense, of course.

    I was curious about the significance (or lack of it) of his holding two pairs of chopsticks. Is there any?