Saturday, March 28, 2009


Just before the trip to France got a chance to do a short Spiderman story written by Roger Langrige... I'd forgotten how much I liked reading those stan lee- steve ditko stories as a kid but doing some reading and research for the story really brought back memories of Mysterio, the Vulture and that whole sick crew...

Both Roger and Me wanted to do a homage to Ditko I think, plus that feel and look of old comics so I got some advice from Matt Hollingsworth on how to get that half tone effect on photoshop (filter-pixellate-color halftone)plus that yellowed paper look (scan, rubber stamp, use as multiply layer)... and then there's the Spooky Bank!

The whole thing was a wee bit rushed but I hope it turned out ok. Does everything a spider can! :p



  1. was trying to get livejournal to add some features but ran into walls, so i tried out wordpress and it seems to be a lot more userfriendly :p

  2. Say,Is okay with you if I use your RSS for creating a syndicated account at Livejournal? Just to keep following your posts.

  3. allo! hey sure thing no problem at all :) i've no idea RSS works actually, would you mind giving me a quick layman walkthrough? :p

  4. The RSS for the blog posts is this one:

    And the one for the comments is this:

    These URLs let RSS readers know immediately when something new is posted.Don't know if the Wordpress template you choose has the option,but you should be able to customize your RSS for showing the full posts content or only the first phrases.
    You can use RSS for crossposting,too:for example,on Facebook,you go to the Notes app and click on “Import a blog” under the settings menu.Then you enter the RSS URL,set the settings as you like and then all new blog posts will be posted automatically as Facebook notes and show up in your wall.

    For people at Livejournal,they can follow the RSS simply adding this account to their friends page:

  5. thanks much for the info, much appreciated! :)

  6. here's another Q.... the new wordpress blog doesn't seem to show up on searches - including new entries in google blog search - is there some setting i should adjust to change this? thanks much in advance :)