Saturday, October 18, 2008

Malinky Robot vs Zidane

Currently working on editing all the old Malinky Robot stories that are being put together for a collection in French, to be published by the new BAO imprint of Editions Paquet Sàrl.

Its taking longer than expected; the intial idea was to just colour the existing black and white pages (for consistency's sake, since later malinky robot stories were coloured, the black and white look could no longer represent 'reality/normality' as such), but as with a lot of old drawings, you end up wanting to fix things here and  there, so there've been whole pages redrawn...

Not sure how much change there is, but something just didn't look right :p here's a before and after sample:

Anyway... its an exciting project, just hope i can get everything done in time! :p

meanwhile here's one of the oddest most compelling vids i've seen on the tube :)

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