Thursday, May 17, 2007

Manga Manga!

Bought a bunch of mandarin translated manga today. Pick of the lot is Inoue Takehiko's "Real", which i think is a step up from his samurai series "Vagabond", maybe more grounded in reality, maybe avoiding the shadow of Hiroaki Samura. The scene where the paralysed protagonist gets his first bath at the hospital was handled quite brilliantly.

Well my chinese is pretty hopeless so mostly i just skip the words and look at the pictures. Its a shame in a way but my excuse is it allows me to focus on the visual storytelling :p

Also arriving in the mail soon, hopefully, will be a couple of artbooks from the anime Tekkon Kinkreet ( Haven't seen the movie but the original manga was great and page previews of the artbooks look amazing. Also dvds of Mind Game and Fooly Kooly. Its manga week! :)

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